Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Outtake: Alida Buffalo (Kit Scholley)

All these photos have been styled by the incredibly talented Kit Scholley, owner of Alida Buffalo Vintage and fellow Australian. I've chosen two photos from shoots she has styled over the last 6 or so months for her online store. There isn't much more that I can say about the photos, that hasn't been conveyed by Kit's styling abilities - she manages to capture and embody teenage youth, rebellion and sexuality so perfectly, like seriously, OMFG is all I can say.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

007 - Spiky Hindu

Wearing: Thrifted top and kirt, Suede fringed bag, Demonia creepers, Spiked Choker from eBay and Hand of Fatima Earrings from Inspired Tribe

Two outfit posts in one week! This outfit was from just after Christmas, went out with my girls, had a smoke and they both slept over - all in all, a really good night. Nothing special about the outfit, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen a snippet of the outfit a month or so back. The evening was super windy, and kind of cold and my hair just was not fucking working for me (as seen by the grumpy and impatient face in the last photo ~sigh~).
I'm going on holidays in a weeks time with my best friend and mum, and will hopefully have a ton of outfits to show you guys, and maybe a video on all my purchases (YAY). Today is also Australia Day, and I hate Australia Day because all it emphasises is our drinking culture, how truly bogan people can be and our inability to accept and appreciate our multiculturalism so I'm at home celebrating in my wonderful air conditioning... Well I'm going to go back to my Sims family now, my couple are almost at the woohoo stage heheh!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

006 - Seven Wonders

Wearing: Vintage lace shawl kimono, Thrifted 90s wrap skirt, Mink Pink velvet bustier, Assorted jewellery from Inspired Tribe and markets 

As promised, another outfit post! Not exactly in the time frame I had in mind, but oh well. These photos were very last minute, after a lovely dinner with my girl, Caitlan, who will eventually have her own blog. In the meantime check out her insty: @caitlan_hammond - it's v-cool.
So the outfit, it was something like 30 degrees celsius at 8pm, and I was drowning in my sweat and slowly becoming delirious from the heat (Australia in the summer IS NOT FUN). So I found whatever looked clean on my floordrobe and threw it on. My kimono thing was originally a poncho I found whilst opshopping but it looked like a table cloth with a head hole, so I took to hacking it in half and voila! Perfect layering piece!

Sorry for the lack of coherency, I'm exhausted from working and I have period cramps that are killing me. So ciao, goodbye, whatever.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Outtake: Sugarhigh + Lovestoned

To compensate for the ongoing lack of posts here is a set of photos, taken and directed by the girls of Sugarhigh + Lovestoned. This shoot leaves me feeling mystical and unearthly. The styling, the setting, the photography, ugh everything is perfect! I just think of tarot and incense and Stevie Nicks and road trips and smoke and more importantly this song, which makes me v-happy:

Hopefully shall have another post on the way in the next few days (fo' realz this time) and you'll probably see an attempt at me emulating the vibes that I pick-up from this shoot... or not.