Friday, 21 December 2012

005 - Sunflower Goddess

Wearing: Thrifted sunflower dress, Lipstik clogs, Vintage leather backpack, Assorted jewellery from Inspired Tribe/Markets etc.

What is life?! Sorry for the lack of posts (I know that my last one was almost 8 months ago) but it was kinda stupid of me to attempt starting a blog in my final year of high school, so here I am, starting back at it again! I've been officially out of school for almost two months now and I'm loving it! I've been working loads and have been thrifting on my days off. 
These photos were taken at the beginning of the week, my friend and I went out for mexican and then went down to the beach for milkshakes and banana bread (worst combination EVER). We headed up to the top floor of the council carpark and took these photos in our daylight savings golden hour, I'm very pleased with the results..

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas, and hopefully my posting will become more regular!