067 - Out of the Zone

Wearing: Miracle Eye bellbottoms, Everything else is vintage

So these photos were taken sneakily on the open block next to cactus farm whilst I was on holidays last week. I went to Melbourne with my boyfriend and we ate lots of good food, got new tattoos, did a nice amount of shopping and had plenty of little afternoon naps. All in all a very decent holiday.
I've been wearing a few variations of this outfit lately. Switching out bells for a mini skirt, or the vest for a duster. Seriously, new fave outfit. And I'm a little obsessed with my combination of jewellery, and how my t-shirt and lipstick coordinate perfectly (hello OCD tendencies.) Catch y'all later!

Outtake: 'House of the Rising Sun' Lookbook by Heyoka Leather

(Photos taken from Heyoka Leather Facebook)

Heyoka Leather + Dana Trippe + Nicole Darabi = whiskey drinking, shit kicking, leather wearing, turquoise peddling, southwestern, 1970s good vibes. 

066 - Fatal Hand of Fortune

Wearing: Tanzie duster c/o OOTO Clothing, Miracle Eye shorts, Vintage bustier & boots, Assorted jewellery from India, Eastern Soul & Thrift Stores

So yeah, I fell off the face of the blogging earth for a few weeks or so there... Not going to lie, it was refreshing taking a step back from the interwebs but I've also started working quite a fair bit so my levels of imagination and inspiration are kind of on a down-hill plummeting avalanche of blandness - which actually made me crave getting a groovy outfit on and doing my thing! (My thing being standing in the 'secret forest' whilst posing in front of my best friend watching people sprint-cycle around the bike track that's just over my shoulder in the above photos)
The ever so lovely Corrie, from OOTO Clothing was kind enough to send me two amazing dusters/kimonos to style, this duster called 'Tanzie' was the first to catch my eye and it's so much more amazing in real life! I love that the interlocking batik print works with 99% of my wardrobe, the fit is perfect for us girls with a bit of extra bodily cushioning - as it manages to still look effortlessly oversized without swamping my figure and over-enhancing my size, and lastly, it's super comfortable - making it versatile for all seasons.
In my next outfit post, I'll be featuring the other kimono and there will be an interview type of thing regarding OOTO Clothing - who they are, what they do, and why I think they are so freakin' cool. I hope you guys enjoyed this spontaneous little outfit, and I'll try and be back again soon!

Outtake: 'I Wanna Rock Your Gypsy Soul' feat Skye Sengelmann

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Another shoot pulled from the depths of the internet, again shot by photography mastermind Amanda Leigh Smith featuring the muse Skye Senglemann. When these chick collaborate, pure magic occurs. You can just see their mutual creative juices flowing, the cultural influences of 1960s Americana blended with an authentic bohemian vibe. I took major inspiration from this shoot, for an outfit post I did a few weeks back, and I hope that you guys gain a bit of inspiration from it too!